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Re: Bug#279824: Removal impact of perlftlib was big for truetype package creation


Osamu Aoki wrote:
> If a packager want to create truetype font file using defoma-hints as
> described in the manual, this happens now.
So this happens when creating new font packages or with existing
packages upon rebuilding or upon installation?

> I personally think it is better to get this package back to testing to
> have functioning build helper system for our defoma until we dump
> defoma.
How many packages currently in lenny will be broken by this?
If it isn't in the dozens, we might as well not.

Quite frankly, if it is just creating new packages, it's a better idea
to fix some RC bugs now and drop defoma as soon as lenny is out the door.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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