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Re: Report from Debconf's QA BOF

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 06:16:43PM -0300, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Here is a list of what was discussed/agreed upon during Debconf's QA
> BOF.

> Handling of orphaned packages
> =============================
> After lenny release, the handling of O, ITA and RFA bugs will be
> changed.
> - O:, ITA: and RFA: are reassigned to the package they are about.
> - They are marked as affecting wnpp (new BTS feature) so they show up in
>   the wnpp page
> - Severities: O: serious
>               RFA: not serious
> 	      ITA: keeps the severity of the previous state
> - O: bugs are now RC, so packages are removed from testing using the
>   release team's existing policies. Which means that some O: packages
>   might stay in testing for a longer time because they are dependencies
>   of other packages.

Were members of the release team represented in this BoF?  I'm surprised
that this would be considered release-critical per se; I really don't see
the justification for excluding packages without known bugs from a stable
release just because they don't have a maintainer, when in fact there are
many packages /with/ maintainers that are in comparable condition.

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