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Bug#482102: qa.debian.org: intelligent listing of debian/patches, git/quilt v3 format packages, etc

On 30/05/08 at 00:33 +0200, sean finney wrote:
> hi folks,
> just a quick update,  the PoC that i was doing was quickly getting complicated 
> enough that i've abandoned it in favor of an initial implementation code that 
> will hopefully be useful in the final version as well.  thus it has 
> introduced some more delay, as i was evaluating a few different 
> tools/bindings/etc.

Cool :-)

> - partial source archive mirror with some sample packages, via reprepro
> - python script for generating static content
>  - python-cheetah for template output generation
>  - python-debian for parsing various archive/control files 
>  - python-pygments for diff markup

How much static content will you have? I mean: it's not like this
service will receive millions of requests per day. It could be better to
have only a few static pages, and do everything else on-demand.

> one open question i have now is with regards to the eventual hosting of the 
> system: does it seem reasonable that the final version could either coexist 
> on an existing archive, or alternatively have enough space for the .dsc 
> and .diff.gz files from the source packages being tracked to be stored 
> alongside it?

Yes. I'm sure that you will receive offers to host this service on a
suitable host, when necessary.
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