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Bug#482102: qa.debian.org: intelligent listing of debian/patches, git/quilt v3 format packages, etc

hi folks,

just a quick update,  the PoC that i was doing was quickly getting complicated 
enough that i've abandoned it in favor of an initial implementation code that 
will hopefully be useful in the final version as well.  thus it has 
introduced some more delay, as i was evaluating a few different 

what i'm working with now:

- partial source archive mirror with some sample packages, via reprepro
- python script for generating static content
 - python-cheetah for template output generation
 - python-debian for parsing various archive/control files 
 - python-pygments for diff markup

what i have so far:

- front page with quick shortcut links to a-z(and liba-libz) summary pages
- summary pages for a-z (and liba-libz) listings of packages with available 
versions listed
- per-package-per-version page with listing of diffs for series format 

i'll be putting some extra polish on this in the next day or so, including 
adding a few more page templates such as per-package summaries comparing 
versions between releases and also adding support for at least non-debian-dir 
diff.gz information and v3 (quilt) format packages.  after that i'll rsync 
what i have generated to somewhere under my p.d.o page, and throw the code 
into a git repo for perusal/patching/etc.  this will likely take place 
towards the end of the weekend.

one open question i have now is with regards to the eventual hosting of the 
system: does it seem reasonable that the final version could either coexist 
on an existing archive, or alternatively have enough space for the .dsc 
and .diff.gz files from the source packages being tracked to be stored 
alongside it?


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