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Re: Oldlibs: libttf2

Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just an update on the libttf2 issues.  These are the last packages left 
> depending on libttf2:
> xgdvi, tex-guy, spawx11, spawg - Source package tex-guy. Haven't looked 
> to deep into these yet.
> vgrabbj - Builds without libttf but disables functionality.  Package has 
> RC bugs and hasn't seen an upload since 2006.  No rdepends/rbdepends.  
> Popcon is 433.
> vflib2 - RM: filed now that dvi2ps has been updated. (Thanks for dvi2ps 
> vflib3 - As far as I can tell upstream has been static since 2006 on 
> this one.
> perlftlib - This thing has been orphaned since 2004 and is RC buggy.  
> I've tried to port it without much success even with some help from 
> freetype.org folks. I
> can't find an upstream source any more. However it has a high popcon. 
> (libft-perl has 9511 installs).  Which makes little sense since fttools 
> has only 803 installs and it is the only package depending on libft-perl.
> Anyway, I have copied Michael and OHURA since you two seem to be the 
> maintainers for the remaining packages (Except for perlftlib of course 
> which belongs to Debian QA at the moment).
> Any help/thoughts/pointers on getting rid of libttf2 would be appreciated.

Most packages have been removed from Lenny by now. Please see my recent
mail to debian-release and the followups:

What you could do (I planned to do it myself, but openssl came along):

File bugs on packages build-depending on freetype1-tools and test/
provide patches to fix them to use freetype2-demos instead:


Also some packages are fixed in unstable, but haven't migrated to
testing yet:

pike7.6 (currently blocked by perl transition)
webalizer (only 7/10 days old)


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