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Oldlibs: libttf2

Hi folks,

Just an update on the libttf2 issues. These are the last packages left depending on libttf2:

xgdvi, tex-guy, spawx11, spawg - Source package tex-guy. Haven't looked to deep into these yet.

vgrabbj - Builds without libttf but disables functionality. Package has RC bugs and hasn't seen an upload since 2006. No rdepends/rbdepends. Popcon is 433.

vflib2 - RM: filed now that dvi2ps has been updated. (Thanks for dvi2ps OHURA!)

vflib3 - As far as I can tell upstream has been static since 2006 on this one.

perlftlib - This thing has been orphaned since 2004 and is RC buggy. I've tried to port it without much success even with some help from freetype.org folks. I can't find an upstream source any more. However it has a high popcon. (libft-perl has 9511 installs). Which makes little sense since fttools has only 803 installs and it is the only package depending on libft-perl.

Anyway, I have copied Michael and OHURA since you two seem to be the maintainers for the remaining packages (Except for perlftlib of course which belongs to Debian QA at the moment).

Any help/thoughts/pointers on getting rid of libttf2 would be appreciated.


Barry deFreese

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