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Re: new test on archive packages: cron files

hi Filippo,

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 07:31:29PM +0200, Filippo Giunchedi wrote:
> just annoyed by repeated cron files output from removed packages I implemented a
> new test for packages: no output from cron files of removed packages.
> The interesting bit is here:
> http://qa.debian.org/~filippo/crontest/20070801-crontest.log
> the log format resembles Lucas logs so it would be easy to check (provided I got
> the format right).

great stuff! The Format looks right to me, even tho some of those entries
appear twice? The usual way would be to commit this logfile into the collab-qa
repository and write a small Notes file which explains what those marks like
CMD_NOT_FOUND mean. (collab-qa/crontest/{Notes,/crontest-<date>/logfile.txt})

Then go ahead and file bugs for the packages. You can usertag the bugs with a
usertag like 'qa-cron-<date>' and the user set to the QA groups mail address.
You can then mark the packages you have filed bugs for with NNN: and use the
bts2pkglist.pl from tools/ to fetch all the filed bugs and replace the NNN: in
your list with the real bug ID (so you dont have to wait for the BTS to come up
with a bugnumber while processing ..)

Lucas does some magic with his ruby scripts to merge old logs with new ones and
does so mark new failures with NEWFAIL etc.. im not sure if they would work with
your list, .. if you want to run this check on a regular basis this is something
we should look into.

    - michael

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