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Update on GNOME 1 packages

Packages depending on the packages are
listed below each package.

* python-gnome
  -- See also #368515.
  - xkeysw-config
    -- Removal requested
  - scigraphica
    - Maintainer ds@schleef.org
    -- kicked out of testing
    -- new upstream version uses python2.4 and GNOME 2, but also requires
       major packaging changes
    -- Recommendation: NMU by someone with time and energy
  - gaby
    - Maintainer fpeters@debian.org
    -- No action yet -- recommendations?
  - sql-editor
    - Maintainer mennucc1@debian.org
    - Experimental as well as obsolete.
    - Maintainer asked to consider removing package
  - pydict
    - Maintainer foka@debian.org
    - Maintainer probably MIA, last upload in 2002
    - unchanged since stable
    -- Maintainer asked to remove package or we'll do it for him
* gnome-print
  - terraform
    -- Maintainer kaol@iki.fi
  - gphotocoll
    -- Maintainer jblache@debian.org
  - cronosii
    -- Maintainer seamus@debian.org
  - Recommendation: Leave it for now; gnome-print is pretty bugless.
    Remove if any bugs show up.
* oaf
  - sanduhr
    - Orphaned
    - New upstream uses GNOME 2
    - Fairly popular
    -- Recommendation: QA upload new 'experimental' upstream
  - sgcontrol
    - Maintainer terry@debian.org
    - Maintainer asked to consider GNOME 2 upgrade.
  - libgnome-vfs0 and libgnome-vfs-common (gnome-vfs)
    - Maintainer kitame@debian.org
    - gnome-vfs used by:
      - sgcontrol
  - gconf and libgconf11
    - Maintainer kitame@debian.org
    - libgconf11 used by:
      - sgcontrol (see above)
  - Recommendation: Try hard to get rid of the whole tree.
* libglade
  First the packages depending on libglade-gnome0:
  - gnobog
    - Orphaned
    - kicked out of testing
    - Removal requested
  - multi-gnome-terminal
    - New maintainer debian@foolab.org
  - gnotepad+
    - Maintainer lmamame@debian.org
  - gnomp3
    - Maintainer uwe@debian.org
    - Unusually well maintained
  - gnome-find
    - Maintainer yooseong@debian.org
  - gnome-chess
    - Maintainer srittau@debian.org
  - gabber
    - Maintainer goedson@debian.org
    - Wait for gabber2, which uses GNOME 2, to stabilize
  - bins
    - Maintainer rousseau@debian.org, comaintainer tbm@cyrius.com
  Now the packages depending only on libglade0:
  - stars
    - maintainer bfurry@nac.net
  - python-glade-1.2
    - only used by xkeyswconfig, see above
  - libgladexml-perl
    - used by bins :-P
    - otherwise worthless, can remove when libglade is removed
  - Recommendation: There are a lot of users of libglade still.
    Any one of the above maintainers might want to pick it up; even 
    if nobody does it should probably still be kept for now.
    These should be the priority packages for conversion, since after
    the removal of the above packages, these will be at the top of
    the dependency chain.
* gnome-libs
  - Loads of depending packages: all of the above plus more.
    Definitely can't be removed soon.  I wouldn't work too hard
    on converting the packages which depend only on this, at this
* imlib
  - Loads of depending packages: all of the above plus more.
    Definitely can't be removed soon.  We can't even drop
    gdk-imlib11-dev yet, as there are still so many packages which
    use it.
  - It's bug city, though.  Needs work badly.  Maybe I'll make a QA
    upload after etch releases to fix some of the worst.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

Read it and weep.

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