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Automated mails to maintainers to inform them of their pkg status


With the release getting closer, I have the impression that some (a lot
of?) maintainers are unaware of the "buginess" status of their packages.
Of course, there's the weekly mail on d-d-a, but it doesn't really
answer the question of "are my packages OK ?".

Ideally, this would reuse a lot of informations from the DDPO,
- when a package is not in testing
- when versions between unstable and testing differ
- if the package has RC bugs
- if the package has important or normal bugs
All of this for maintained and co-maintained packages.

I don't know if enough code already exist to make this easy and quick to
write, but it might be something to keep it mind, even if it's only
executed once a month during normal development.
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