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Re: help

John Morgan wrote:


I am interested in volunteering some time to help out with debian. I
don't have much expirence so to speak in programming or anything but I
am a quick learner and have some time to give. I was a system
administrator on a linux network a few years ago. I have a working
knowledge of c++ and some expirence with perl a few years ago. I have
just returned from Iraq and am injured with time to spare and I have
always prefered debian over any other distro. I'm even willing to help
with man pages or something. Just let me know if you have any use for

You mentioned about your experience with C++. May I suggest debtags?

More info can be found at http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/

There are many many projects which can use your skills. I am just providing a specific example to give you a headstart.



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