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Bug#352200: PTS: please allow displaying bin NMUs

On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 12:40:57PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Package: qa.debian.org
> Severity: wishlist
> >From IRC:
> 08:25 < bubulle> hmmm, /me wonders whether #352166 (shadow FTBFS on hppa)
> shoul djust be closed or not. It seems
> that there's been a binNMU this morning but I have no clue
> about who did it and whether this
> just says the FTBFS was a problem on the hppa buildd
> 08:31 < vorlon> bubulle: well, you could thwap aurel32 for circumventing the buildds, for starters
> 08:31 < vorlon> anyway, sarti has serious issues with basic shell stuff, so
> the bug can probably just be closed  again.
> 08:31 < vorlon> wrong severity for the bug to be opened at, btw. :)
> 08:32 < bubulle> as usual..:)
> 08:32 < bubulle> note to self: thou shalt not open bugs before the needed
> level of cafeine floods in thy veins
> 08:34 < bubulle> vorlon: how did you see that aurel32 was the one doing the
> binNMU? I need to learn somethign here
> 08:38 < vorlon> bubulle: grab the .changes from incoming, gpg --verify
> 08:39 < vorlon> bubulle: dato also has a script that checks the uploader;
> don't remember the details of it, though
> 08:39 < bubulle> should be an interesting addition to do on
> packages.qa.debian.org
> 08:39 < bubulle> buxy: ^^^^
> 08:55 < isaac> bubulle:
> 08:56 < isaac> bubulle: http://people.debian.org/~adeodato/bin/who-uploads
> if you want to have a look
Right, this is also discussed at
  * #347809: devscripts: Please include script indicating recent uploads (Was: Re: RFX: Gajim, a Jabber client)

I guess only one of these packages needs to implement this, and malex
has good point regarding the keyring.  So if pqdo implements it first,
remind me to close #347809 (unless someone else wants it).


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