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Tracking of recently filed QA bugs


Frank and I checked a bunch of very old packages and filed some bugs
about them - I just added usertags for "my" bugs to make tracking
easier. Bugs that propose to remove the package and give the maintainer
some time to react are now tagged "proposed-removal", bugs that ping the
maintainer and will lead to orphaning the package use "proposed-orphan".
I've used debian-qa@lists.debian.org as user for all of this.

To see what I've done until now, look at this page:

Not very interesting yet, but as all of these mails say "You have one
week to react", we can just use
to get a list of bugs that are older than a week. 
We can just retitle and reassign those to get proper wnpp and
ftp.debian.org bugs next week :)

This is only one, very simple usage of usertags, but they can help us to
organise work a lot better than before.

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