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Re: Status update for the Debian QA Meeting in Darmstadt, Germany

Hi all,

here comes another status update for the Debian QA meeting. This
concerns only our members of the meeting who will arrive by plane on
Frankfurt/Main airport. 

Holger Levsen and me will be at the airport to pick up persons. I guess
most (if not all) of you will arrive on Terminal 1B, so this discription
only covers Terminal 1B:

After you left your plane please follow the signs to the baggage claims
of your terminal (which should be 1B). After you picked up your laguage,
walk through one of the exits[1]. Directly after the exits turn left and
you will see [2]. Please then walk over to the meeting point [3].

I will (pick up adn, sam, sukria) and (migus or dato[4]). All the
others will be picked up by h01ger, which should be buxy, amaya,

If you are NOT arriving in terminal 1B please see [5] how to get there.

IIRC Air France and Finnair are  arriving in Terminal 2. Please use the
"Sky Line" to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. It is free of charge
and will stop in Terminal 1B. If you get there please DO NOT follow the
signs for the baggage claims, otherwise you will go through the customs
(douane) again. Instead, follow the signs for the Terminal B Arrival.
You take the escalators you will end up directly near the Meeting point
(if not, walk to the other end of the room).

The meeting point is at level 1 of the airport.


[1] http://www.cs.uni-frankfurt.de/~schmehl/temp/FRA/dsck0003.jpg
[2] http://www.cs.uni-frankfurt.de/~schmehl/temp/FRA/dsck0004.jpg
[3] http://www.cs.uni-frankfurt.de/~schmehl/temp/FRA/dsck0006.jpg
[4] whoever arrives first.
[5] http://www1.frankfurt-airport.de/include/frankfurt-airport.de/jsp/static/terminal/pdf/plan.pdf
 or http://cmsbak1.fraport.de/flugplan-pdf/Flugplan_2005_3.pdf

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