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Dummy package hunt (finished, for now)

(Please CC: me as I'm not subscribed)

Just a brief note to let you guys know that I finished a dummy
package hunt. I promised Jeroen van Wolffelaar I would do this after
sarge was released in order to provide time for people to purge
these dummies. The previous dummy hunt I did was too close to release
and not all dummy packages were removed in time.

All in all, I've reviewed 153 binary packages [1] and I've submitted 57 
bugs, some to the binary packages some to source packages (if a source
package generates more than one dummy package).

I've actually submitted most of this bugs at "wishlist" severity,
unlike the 18 bugs related to this issue I reported back in May
(which were 'serious' since these dummy packages were unchanged
from woody to sarge). Some were reported at higher severity, though.

I want to mention this since I remember stumbling (through a blog
entry from somebody in QA, don't remember who) in

I don't have time to update the info in the wiki, but if you want to 
do it, just look for bugs I've submitted (using this e-mail address)
in the last two days. All of these are related to the dummy package
hunt. I can also provide anyone interested with the mailbox with
all bug submissions and changes sent to control@bugs

One note, for those just looking for 'dummy' in the package description:
there are many Ruby and Python dummy packages that are used to
depend on the default Ruby/Python version in Debian. This is the case,
for example, of python-unit, python-weblib, libcsv-ruby, libexif-ruby,
libpgsql-ruby or ipython (amongst others). This the problem of
not having a standard description for dummy/transitional packages,
it's difficult to find all of them and some people are using the
same name with different meanings. There should be some standarisation
here or otherwise looking for these packages might be quite difficult.

Best regards


[1] Output of the 'find-dummies.sh' script I wrote to find these
back in May. It's not perfect, however, since it has false positives
(see Python/Ruby stuff above) and false negatives (skimming at the list
in the wiki I can see that fetchmail-ssl is indeed a dummy package
but wasn't marked as such by the script). If you want to take a look
at it, it is available at:

It might make sense to move it out from there, I intended to use it
for the Release Notes but then we dropped the idea since the list
of dummy packages and packages that had changed names was just too long
to be useful in the RN document.

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