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Re: QA's subversion repository

Le dimanche 07 août 2005 à 16:35 +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar a écrit :
> Regardless of my opinion on it[1], please do *not* hijack qa's
> subversion repository for it. If you really insist this is a good idea
> to persue, please start a new alioth project and move the repository
> over there. When the time is there to convert QA's cvs to subversion,
> it'd be neat to actually use the 'qa' repository for that.

Agreed. I cleaned the repository and I'll create a new dedicated

I have no name yet but ideas are the following :
- "packages"
- "deb-packages"
- "svn-maint"
- "co-maint" / "co-maintenance"
- "pkg-maint"

This tries to explain the idea that a single SVN repo will be used to
manage many packages (and in particular orphaned packages... where we
expect some help of external contributors).

Feel free to provide your ideas about the best name. :-)

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