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Bugs, usertags, and including more people


One of the things that I proposed in my talk during Debconf5 is to
have a friendlier bug interface that allows for bugs to be sorted on
the language (c, python, perl, etc) of the code, and the difficulty of
solving them (trivial, easy, interesting, tedious, difficult

The main idea is that I'd like to set up a nifty page that shows the
bugs submitted during the last week, or something like that, and
allows anyone to browse through them in the search of a bug that they
can fix and send a patch for.

The final goal of this idea is to get more people involved in helping
in Debian.  i.e. the main target for this are non-maintainers, but of
course it would be open for anyone.

Now, Anthony Towns is about to implement some nice changes into the
BTS which include the birth of "usertags".  These usertags are a way
in which _anyone_ can set their _own_ tags, so as to browse through
bugs more easily, with their own criteria.  Usertags won't be seen by
anybody, they'll only be seen if you select the correct "user" (users
will actually be _domains_, as in marga.com.ar, qa.debian.org, etc.).

Now, I'd like to implement my bug filtering idea through these
usertags.  I can use my own domain (like marga.com.ar), but since the
usertags that I want to apply won't be only for me, and the idea is to
make anyone have an easier way of finding what to fix, I'd like these
particular usertags to be associated with qa.debian.org

Would that be ok?

The tags that I've thought of are the ones I mentioned before.  But
maybe someone else can think of some other tags that will also
increase the chances of some helpful non-DD finding a bug, fixing it
and sending a patch.


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