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Re: The PTS should list Ubuntu patches

Le mercredi 20 juillet 2005 à 23:44 +0100, tim hall a écrit :
> Last Wednesday 20 July 2005 16:10, Robert Lemmen was like:
> > so i'd say: a good way to notify maintainers of patches against their
> > packages (apart from the bts) is probably cool. making it
> > ubuntu-specific or (yuck!) applying these patches (semi-)automatically
> > is bad.
> Yup, it needs to work for all debian-derived distros and CDDs.

Sorry, that's no how free software works... you can't say "it needs to"
and then expect other people do it for you.

The PTS is not a generic framework where you can plug anything like
that. If you want to add something to it, you have to "hardcode"
something in the code ... (but there's not much code and it's quite easy
to do)

(Of course, you have the possibility to hack on the PTS to transform it
in a generic framework...)

I suggested to do something for Ubuntu patches because information is
readily available in a centralized manner. If other debian derived
distros do the same, then fine we may integrate their data as well but
it will require exactly the same amount of work as for listing the Ubutu

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