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Re: Is Thorsten Sauter MIA? (Was: Re: Interested in a Idesk package)

> I have replied to this mail weeks ago. He should finish the package and
> looking to a sponsor on debian-mentors@. And then takeover the package. I
> have not enough time to be a sponsor for him. But Anibal also wrote he will
> first finish another package before looking for an uploader.
> Anibal: If you haven't got my email, sorry. Please look for an uploader an
> take the package.

Hi. Ok.  

Yes, I already found a sponsor in Anibal Monsalve Salazar and us
already has been working in the new package for Idesk.

Thank you very much and excuse me.   


Anibal Avelar (FixXxeR) http://fixxxer.cc
GPG: 83B64656 - C143 4AD8 B017 53FA B742  D6AA CEEA F9F3 83B6 4656

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