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Failure trying to install Sarge and Ubuntu on a new Compaq Presario

My problem seems to all be focused around failure of the CD/DVD RW drive. This drive failed intermittently in three different places in the Ubuntu install, for instance. I'm presently installing (shudder) Red Hat, and that is going well. My other workstation has SuSE 9.2, which has given me enough troubles to make me want to look elsewhere, and besides I like Debian. If anyone can make some suggestions as to how I could install Ubuntu or Sarge, please let me know. It sounds like Ubuntu is the better answer for a workstation, but I'm open to any well intentioned suggestions. I suspect the problem is the CD/DVD driver being used just doesn't quite cut it for this model. To the extent I can, I'd be glad to relay symptoms to any device driver developer. I should probably do it myself I suppose, but I've got a new job and a number of other projects I want to focus on. Presumably it's just a matter of hacking into Red Hat and possibly just stealing their device driver, or learning what it does and improving the Debian version from that information. I am interested in feedback on these things too, and will try to respond to questions promptly.

Sincerely, Xeno

Xeno Campanoli, xeno@eskimo.com, http://www.eskimo.com/~xeno
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