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Re: fixes for rc bugs #286768, #299157, #257619

> On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 01:50:06AM +0300, Lior Kaplan wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> As part of my NM process I was asked to fix some RC bugs.
>> I submitted patches to these bugs: #286768: autorespond: Wrong exit
>>  code causes lost email. #299157: aspseek-libmysqldb must be 
>> rebuilt against libmysqlclient12 #257619: pvpgn: daemon still runs 
>> after removing the package (orphaned package)
>> Hope you can help with NMUing them. The first two have source 
>> packages ready at mentors.debian.net (see the bug reports for more
>>  info).
> While your bugfixing efforts are appreciated, I do actually think it
>  might not be such a good idea to actually NMU those packages just
> for the sake of fixing RC bugs. Those bugs are all quite long-standing,
> and so far, apparantly nobody has cared about them. And except
> autorespond which is in woody, those packages are not in woody, sarge
> or etch at the moment.
> I think that rather than having this type of long-standing RC bugs
> fixed by people not genuinly interested *in that particular package*
> per se, but only fixing them because of it's fixing RC bugs, is bad.
> Why? Because apparantly nobody really cares about those packages, and
> then they are better off being removed, rather than only the most
> important bugs fixed by bypassers, and for the rest the package left
> in an sad state.

I do agree these package should be removed, but from the reason that
they aren't in use or not maintained. But not since there are buggy.

The upstream of these packages aren't very active, so it a bit harder to
fix some of those bugs.

Also, please note that the packages aren't maintained, so people who
might want to adopt them don't know they can (since the maintainer is a
no show).

> Just my two cents... 


> --Jeroen


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