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Intend to NMU the cruft package


the cruft package is in a rather sorry state, with no version in more than 2
years, and a whole bunch of easy to fix bugs. Some of them greatly reducing
its usability while others hinder the whole debian installation process
(interactive post-inst script).

I proposed my help on 26 Apr 2005 and 17 Jan 2005, and still wait for an

I don't really know what to do now. I don't want to become annoying, but I
think that if you don't prevent me by at least answering one of my mails one
day, I'll upload an NMU fixing non-RC bugs in a while.

So, yeah. Please tell me what you think of cruft, of co-maintainance, of NMU
or whatever. Please.

Bye, Mt.

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