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Bug#302575: PTS: add link to popcon

On Wed, June 8, 2005 05:02, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
>> a link from the package overview to its popcon page. I suggest to add

> Just done so, but leaving open because it'd be neat IMHO to have the
> actual data on the page somewhere, rather than merely a link. Don't know
> where to put that info though.


My opinion about this is the following: the popcon data is useful, but not
essential. You therefore should be careful with how many screen real
estate you dedicate to that (you can present too much information on one
page, you know).

You could consider turning the link into something a little bit more
informative (i.e.: "Popcon: n (p%)", n being the installed number, p
percentage), and one can click the link to get all the details they want
about voted, upgraded and the like.

That uses the same amount of space the link does now, but is already a bit
more informative. I don't think that using more space for it will improve
the PTS page which is intended as a starting point / summary.


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