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Status of apt-listbugs


I just detected apt-listbugs which at first view sounds a very reasonable
tool which should be made more public.  At second view which included a
view to


with a lot of long standing bugs, some of them tagged patch and some of
them seem easy to fix I feel obliged to point this topic here on this

At first I'm bored about the Ruby dependency.  I'm not against Ruby but
I do not want yet another scripting language on a production server.
Aditional packages add additional problems and thus I want to keep the
number of necessary packages as low as possible.  While I regard
apt-listbugs as very reasonable for a server I do not think that Ruby is
(if there are no applications which do use it anyway):  (This is no
offense against the favourite scripting language of several

Looking at apt-listbugs I would file the following further bug reports
(and I would do so if I would see a reason to be optimistic that they
would be solved).

  1. Strange config file
     Apt-listbugs stores the bugs it just listed in
     This results in a change in /etc after nearly every apt run which
     definitely sucks.

  2. Missing a real config file
     I would love to configure for instance things like Status
     (Option -s) in a config file instead of editing

  3. Lists done bugs
     The default configuration should be that bugs which are done
     should not be listed.

What do you think about this? Anybody able to help out the obvious
BTS trouble? Any opinions about the things I mentioned above?

Kind regards



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