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Re: Bug#287949: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#287949: ndiswrapper-modules depends on ndiswrapper-utils; so should ndiswrapper-source)

How about a Recommends?

On Fri, Dec 31, 2004 at 11:43:45AM -0500, Andres Salomon wrote:
> A dependency wouldn't change that.  A *versioned* dependency would,
> but it would be a little rediculous to add that when there's no need
> (afaik) for it.

You should at least add a Recommends, that way aptitude could pick it
up.  Your first concern should be people who build+install.
Builders only can go to the effort of not installing the recommends.

It's pretty darned important to have -utils.  The use case for build
maintainers is less important than users.

> *Never* uninstall the old kernel without testing it.  That's why we go

You can't do that when you install the same version of the kernel,
without appending some unique string to the kernel so that
/lib/modules/2.6.x{blah} is unique.  I guess I could keep all the old
.debs around on my system.

Plus that's weak reasoning.  The gotcha of -utils not being kept
in sync *at all* with -source is the problem.  How I recover from
the problem is secondary.  That's how Microsoft deals with fucked-up
gotchas -- writing a bunch of Best Practice Whitepapers.  It should
Just Work.

> All the -source packages I've seen do the same thing.  If I've made a

This one is different because it's a network card.

Use case #1: alsa-source
End-user downloads alsa-source, builds alsa-modules, has no other alsa-*
packages installed.  User runs dpkg -i alsa-modules, fails to install
because alsa-base is not installed, user runs apt-get install alsa-base,
alsa-utils comes in as a dependency, then alsa-modules finishes 

Use case #2: this package
End user downloads ndiswrapper-source, builds ndiswrapper-modules, has
no other ndiswrapper-* packages installed.  User runs dpkg -i
ndiswrapper-modules, previous network driver is removed.  User tries
to run apt to install ndiswrapper-utils, can't download anything because
network card is no longer loaded.  Unless he has access to the previous
ndiswrapper-modules on his physical hard drive, he's using a floppy to
download it from some other machine, fix the problem.

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