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Re: Bug#287949 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#287949: ndiswrapper-modules depends on ndiswrapper-utils; so should ndiswrapper-source)

A lot of bugs are going to be filed on ndiswrapper-source.
Maintainer has made it easier to build-but-not-install
the module at the expense of breaking upgrades and causing
headaches for people who *will* install it, and either
he's failing to see this problem.

It's a wierd problem because the *package* does not depend
on the other package but the *package generated by the
package* does.  Thus I assert the package depends on the
thing because it's useless without it -- the generated
output cannot be installed unless it is otherwise present.

On Fri, Dec 31, 2004 at 05:45:54AM -0500, William Ballard wrote:
> I think you're being very short sighted.
> I already had the previous version of ndiswrapper-source,
> and the generated ndiswrapper-modules and ndiswrapper-utils
> on my system.  When the source was upgraded the utils was not.
> Then I rebuilt my entire kernel and all module packages,
> uninstalled all the old, and installed the new -- and found
> ndiswrapper-modules would not install because the correct
> version of -utils was not on my system.
> Because I now had no network driver on my system, I could
> not correct the problem by downloading the right version
> of utils.
> You've made a mistake.
> You're right you don't need utils if you aren't going
> to install it.  I do that too.
> However your mistake is that you absolutely do need
> utils if you *do* intend to run it and the way you've
> packaged it utils is not kept in sync with source
> and thus modules, and will get install errors
> if you apt-get install via the ndiswrapepr network
> card.
> Maybe you should have an ndiswrapper-installed
> package depends on both.  A whole lot of people
> are going to file bugs against your package.

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