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Re: Let's remove moria

On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 11:38:21AM +0100, Erik Schanze wrote:
> Hello Andrew!
> Andrew Pollock <apollock@debian.org>:
> > Given that moria is 
> > in non-free,
> This is no reason for dropping. We should also support non-free software 
> in Debian.
> > orphaned, 
> But it is in good shape at newest upstream version with no bugs.
> Only Standards-Version should be updated.
> > only a game, 
> We need as much games as possible in Debian, even if they are textbased, 
> I think.
> > and hasn't had an   
> > upload in yonks,
> No new upstream version is available since last upload. 
> > I reckon we should remove it. 
> Why? You will only save some disk space on mirrors.
> It is orphaned for 40 days only. Please give other maintainers some more 
> time to take it.
> There are other packages in really bad shape that should be removed firstly.

The reason I reckon it ought to be removed is because at time of writing,
http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=packages@qa.debian.org lists 207
packages (in main) maintained by the "QA group", which is really just
whoever can be bothered giving the packages a bit of love at the time. moria
has been orphaned for 42 days, which is well over the 14 that makes it a
candidate for being formally "maintained" by the QA group. I think that we
shouldn't be stretching resources unnecessarily. This is why from time to
time as I'm going through the list of packages
http://qa.debian.org/orphaned.html and make an upload, I suggest removal as
an alternative. But hey, this is just my personal opinion, I'll happily
accept the consensus.

Also, from my observations, packages orphaned for longer than about 4 weeks,
generally tend to stay orphaned, as they're usually something obscure that
only the original maintainer had enough real care factor about.

(That said, it would be good to collate some statistics on the lifecycle of
orphaned/QA maintained packages)



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