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Help reassigning Bug#271814

I'm looking for an advice in reassigning http://bugs.debian.org/271814

I think the problem exists: ACPI modules aren't automatically handled by
anybody other than acpid (afaik).

A short bug history:
cpufreqd doesn't start at boot because ACPI modules are loaded later by
acpid (note: actually the bug submitter must have played a little with
init scripts order as both cpufreqd and acpi are S20 while he has
S25cpufreqd and S45acpid).
I think it's not cpufreqd's duty loading acpi modules as it can work
with also other PM interfaces. Anyway it's not nice that ACPI modules
are loaded by a deamon that only reacts to simple events whose
installation is not mandatory.

My candidates for reassignment are: kernel-image (provide static acpi?)
or discover/d-i (detect acpi and put necessary modules in /etc/modules?)

thanks for your help

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