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Re: Debian Package for Perl Net::Server

* Michael Bell <michael.bell@cms.hu-berlin.de> [2004-08-31 16:30]:
> we tried to contact the maintainer of libnet-server-perl for a
> while. We tried this via email and IRC but we were not able to
> contact him. Are you able to contact him?

All of Luca's packages have been orphaned recently because he doesn't
have time to maintain them properly.   Carsten Wolff indicated
interest in adopting libnet-server-perl.  I'm CCing him to this mail
so he's aware of this issue.

> We submitted a bugreport and a patch for the package more than 200
> days ago. The problem for us is that the OpenCA packages for OpenCA
> 0.9.2 requires Net::Server. The actual problem is that we prepare
> the release of and a security advisory. We expect that many
> users will use the advisory to update from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2 which will
> fail under Debian because Net::Server cannot handle the default
> webserver user of Debian.  www-data contains the sign "-" which
> causes Net::Server v0.85 to fail.  Actually we can delay the
> advisory for some days because the bug is not available via any
> public sources (incl. our CVS).

Martin Michlmayr

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