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Re: WNPP cleanup procedures

* Thomas Bushnell BSG (tb@becket.net) [040810 10:25]:
> Automatically generated web pages listing the packages that are ITP or
> ITA, sorted by the length of time the ITP or ITA has been set.  Each
> page would be like the current page of orphaned packages with a non-QA
> address, indicating the suggested timelines to follow and giving a
> suggested procedure.
> This would enable the work to happen whenever someone gets the chance
> or the inkling, instead of depending on a person deciding to take the
> whole thing on all at once.  
> I am happy to write suggested text, but it would take the people who
> manage qa.debian.org to actually put the web pages in place and such.  

Well, if you prepare text and code for it, I'll put it on the web
page. But the issue there is IMHO: How can the program dectect when
the title was changed? So, it needs to permanently track each bug.

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