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Re: NCO maintainer MIA

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 09:06 -0400, Brian Mays wrote:
> The pcmcia-cs package also needs significant work.  Although I managed
> to fix numerous bugs in November, I have not been able to go through the
> laborious process of building a new set of modules.  Since Per Olofsson
> has demonstrated high interest in this set of packages by corresponding
> on numerous bug reports, I recommend that he assume maintainership
> of the package.  This package is very dear to me, since I have put
> in a considerable amount of work in the seven years that I actively
> maintained it.  I would be honored to serve in an advisory role in the
> maintainership of this package; however, I simply do not have the time
> and resources now to build all of the sets of modules that are required.

The modules are built by a separate source package now, so they don't
have to be rebuilt every time an update concerning only userspace
stuff is made. The process is automated so it shouldn't be very
laborious anymore.

I've also created an Alioth project with a Subversion repository for
pcmcia-cs. If you want to work on the package again, just ask me and
I'll add you.

> I am terribly sorry for the delay, and I am sorry that I have been
> unavailable for much of the spring.  I am now available to answer
> questions and provide help or resources (such as the CVS repositories
> that I have maintained).

That's good news, I do have some questions about pcmcia-cs.


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