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Re: plans on orphaning / removing packages not in testing

On Sat, Jun 19, 2004 at 02:20:38PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> In any case, I'd really like volunteers for something else: check
> which packages are going to ship new with sarge (i.e. which have not
> been in woody or another stable release) and take a closer look at
> them to see if we really want to release them.

I'll volunteer to check my own packages, with a couple of recommendations:

snui: should be removed from testing unless we can find someone who actually
	uses it.  I wrote (and packaged) it for a community group who has
	since decided not to use it.  I know of nobody (including myself)
	who is actually using it, and I've never written something yet that
	nobody has had a complaint about, so I'm guessing nobody's using it
	(since it's never had a bug reported against it).

phtml: it's only rdep is snui, for it's web interface.  It's such an awful
	abortion of a PHP HTML library even I don't use it anymore.  It's
	been well-and-truly relegated to the depths of time.  If SNUI goes,
	it should definitely go.

Both could be removed from unstable too, but I have had considerations of
documenting snui and publicising it -- it is a useful little system (a
distributed authentication mechanism, like LDAP, but with far fewer
dependencies, and a hell-of-a-lot faster, but only suitable for 'user/pass
OK?  yes/no', and similar questions), and I can quickly rewrite it (probably
should) so it doesn't need phtml.  One thing I'm not keen on is releasing
snui without any serious testing, and since even my initial 'customer' isn't
using the thing, it hasn't had much serious exercise.

Do I bug FTPmasters about getting those two removed from testing, or the
release team?

- Matt

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