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plans on orphaning / removing packages not in testing


I'd consider it a good idea if we try to get rid of some of the
packages that are in unstable, but not in the release of sarge
("release" as in: stable -> sarge). I'm prepared to do the work for
it, but would like to pre-warn the other developers in time. Therefor,
I would e.g. like to send a mail like this to d-d-a:

Subject: packages not released with sarge will be orphaned / removed

Hi all,

the release of sarge is getting nearer. I want to thank all of you who
have made this possible. It's still enough time left for new packages
to go into sarge.

However, for the packages that don't manage to meet our release
criterias, we should consider to either look for a new maintainer, or
to drop them (for exceptions to this, please see below).

So, after the deep freeze of sarge has started, I'll go through the
list of all packages that are not part of sarge, and make proposals
whether to either orphan or remove this package, and after approval
from other members of the QA-team, do this. I'll not listen to any
whining then. If you want to keep your package in Debian, please act
now and please bring it to a releaseable state.

There is of course one exception: If this package is only required for
some unrelease port (e.g. hurd), and/or is unstable enough upstream,
and there is already a bug report where the maintainer states the
reasons why this package should not be part of sarge, and when it will
be ready to get into sarge, then I'll not put the package on the list.


All of this is only a first idea. Any Comments, Suggestions, ... are
of course welcome.

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