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Re: Bug#239703: About to remove kernel-patch-2.2.20-p3

* Camm Maguire (camm@enhanced.com) [040423 23:40]:
> Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:
> > I agree on removing the package. So, if no-one disagrees, I'm going to
> > reassign this bug to ftp.d.o next weekend.

> At least some of the functionality in my 4 packages appears to be
> missing from the latest 2.2 kernel.  A simple cleanup would restore
> the patch against 2.2.25, and allow SSE instructions.  I understand
> that the state of the art in kernel patch packages has changed, and
> version specific packages are deprecated in favor of some other
> mechanism.  I will try to read up on this -- pointers appreciated.  In
> short, I have no objection to the removal of the packages unless their
> presence would facilitate an update of the package contents to the
> latest kernel, which I would like to effect, at least in the p3 and
> raid cases.

My question is really who needs this. 2.2 is probably going to be
dropped on !m68k (so that the work for the security team is lower) and
deprecated on m68k (only used for the subarchs that can't work with
2.4 and 2.6), so that the patch for PIII-processors could be dropped.
Same is valid for the raid-patch.

For the *vm-global*-patch: Well, even if this one is useful on that
m68k-subarch (I can't judge), you need to upload a source package with
another name.

So, I'd like to reassign all bugs to ftp.d.o, and if the
vm-global-patch is useful then please upload a
kernel-patch-2.2.25-vm-global, or speak with the maintainer to
incorporate that patch into kernel-source-2.2.25.

Is that ok for you?

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