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Bug#243668: qa.debian.org: bugs on packages.qa.d.o not updated -> packages.qa.d.o should move to merkel too

* Raphael Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org) [040415 08:55]:
> Quoting Colin Watson:
> > > Because packages.qa.d.o is on master, it uses master's bug mirror, and I
> > > guess that's the reason the bugcounts aren't updated anymore on
> > > packages.qa.d.o
> > 
> > master's mirror is still being updated for the time being. However, I
> > agree that packages.qa should move to merkel.

> Packages.qa is on master but it uses info from merkel, that's why it
> tries to download http://merkel.debian.org/~hertzog/pts/bugs.txt but
> this fails because the configuration of apache changed on merkel... if
> someone of debian-admin could fix that, I'd appreciate it.
> In the mean time, the PTS will continue to be out of date.

What about pushing that data from merkel to master via rsync? I've
done that for now in my private directory, and it's available at
master:~aba/pts/, and updated every 15 minutes via cron, but I'm happy
to either change that location, or to disable it if you have some
other way.

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