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Re: Ideas for wnpp

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Justin Pryzby wrote:

> ...
> I think the RFP list should also be sorted differently.  I've read
> through the list and read about the packages in which I'm interested,
> but there's no easy way (other than wget;grep) for me to find new RFPs.
> Or is there a list to which I should subscribe?
> Sponsors.  I already recommended to debian-devel that a sponsor-needed
> tag be added.  Then we can have a wnpp sponsor page listing packages
> seeking a sponsor.  This makes those packages easier to find for
> developers, and (hopefully) accelerates the mentoring and uploading.
> I also think being_packaged should be cleaned, but its less important
> than RFP, and I realize that it may be that lots of being_packaged are
> holding on a long-term thing, Eg a dependency or a license issue.
Well, I do not like fully ACK messages but I think you need at least a
response here.

I really like what you have done and your proposals


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