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Re: Cleaning up ITA

Hi Frank!

You wrote:

> > I have some scripts on master that simplify checking the wnpp a lot.  
> > Feel free to use them, they're in master:~bas/WBOS.  
> > (No warranties of course.  Please test before sending out any real
> > emails:  last time I used the scripts, I send the BTS mail to the wrong
> > address, causing the packages@qa list to be flooded with copies of the
> > mail and BTS ACKs).
> Coming back to an old question (as I'm now a DD):
> I looked at WBOS and will try to use/adapt it for my next ITA clean-up run.
> Do you still use/modify these scripts? 

Once in a while, yes.  Actually, I'm kind of planning to rewrite them to
use the bts2ldap interface, which should simplify my scripts a lot.

> Wouldn't it be good to include
> them in the qa CVS? 

That sounds like a good idea, indeed.  
However, I think Martin also has some scripts, that overlap partially
with mine.  Maybe we should merge them?

> We should probably add some copyright notices and
> a licence then...


Kind regards,
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