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Re: Helping busy maintainers


Am 2003-10-09  1:45 +1000 schrieb Martin Michlmayr:
> There are some developers who are clearly too busy to maintain their
> packages properly, but yet cannot be considered inactive enough so
> that their packages should be given away.  I'd like to have a group of
> people who are willing to help those developers out by co-maintaining
> their packages for a while.  Anyone interesting, please let me know
> and I will give you a listing of maintainers/packages.

>From next Tuesday onward, I have lots of time and I would be
interested in comaintenance of packages (especially RC bug fixing)
until the Sarge release.

But since IANADD (yet) I would need a sponsor for every upload; in the
last weeks I've sent quite a bunch of bug followups which were only
scarcely answered, thus half-MIA maintainers might not be the best
sponsor candidates... 

Can I still be of use here?

Martin Pitt
home:  www.piware.de
eMail: martin@piware.de

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