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QA group best practice?

I want to supply a patch to #202416 (developers-reference: mention QA in NMU
section).  So I hunted around to find the list of best practices for QA
uploads that I could base my update on.  But I can't find any.  So, I'm
going to make some up.

Firstly, if this stuff is anywhere I've missed, that has all these sorts of
things, please apply a sharp *thwap* with a URL.

* All changelogs should start with an entry "QA Upload".

* Version numbering should be standard maintainer style, not NMU style.

* Ensure that the Maintainer field is set to "Debian QA Group

* Subscribe (at least temporarily) to the PTS list for the package after the
upload, in case your upload causes severe haemmhoraging.

* Make sure you keep the comments in the BTS up to date.  If you're working
on a fix, say so.  If you've got an upload in the pipeline, tag the bug
pending.  This minimises duplicated effort, and keeps a record of work done
(as such, I think it's better than coordinating on -qa@l.d.o, which was my
other possible suggestion).

I'm planning on making a short speil on QA uploads to put into the
developers' reference to satisfy #202416.  I'm more varied about putting the
full rulebook into the dev-ref.  Should we give QA a higher priority by
putting more about it into DR, or should most of it stay on qa.debian.org?

- Matt

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