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Re: Bug#200115: Patch somewhat flawed

Quoting Frank Lichtenheld (frank@lichtenheld.de):

> > If it is really unmaintained currently, I'll try the new patch sent by
> > Denis and then upload a NMU.
> No need to do that. I have prepared a QA Upload for it[0] and will
> incorporate Denis' patch today. If you want I can send it to you
> to upload it otherwise I will just ask on debian-qa since I'm no
> DD yet.

Can you wait (this is also adressed to QA folks) ?

Some things may be added to Denis patch for 200115, mostly russian
translations I finally managed to get included. This will close 5 more
bugs on dotfile-*.

I also made a minor correction to the templates : replace "If you
choose "No" "....such constructions are, for various reasons,

Due to this correction, I'm waiting for original
spanish/german/russian translators for an update....

And, finally, I started to work on a french translation.. :-)

So, as you may see, I will change the patch and, in its final form, it
will close 16 bugs.

I may build up the NMU, then (I already have everything ready, just
need to merge in the changes you mention in your mail to QA),
which should save time to QA folks.....

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