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Thinking of removing some QA packages

OK, I'm doing a bit of bug reviewing here, and have found a few packages I
think should probably be removed.  Just looking for some feedback from
others with probably more experience than me as to whether I'm being
overzealous or not.

As to criteria: I only looked through the oldest of the improperly orphaned
list, and only considered packages with outstanding bugs and no history of
interest from anyone in adopting it.  Non-freeness and obvious lack of care
were added bonuses.

xinvaders: non-free, orphaned 7 months ago from an MIA maintainer.  One
	"normal" (although I think by now it's probably serious, given it's
	an FHS bug) and a couple of wishlist bugs with patches in the BTS. 
	Especially since it's non-free, and hasn't had a QA upload *or* a
	regular upload in 2.5 years, I think it should be binned.  There's
	also xinv3d which does the same sort of thing anyway.

xtrojka: another non-free, 11 months orphaned, just another random game
	nobody seems to care about.  1 pretty important bug, 1 minor, both
	with patches.

figurine: main this time, with 3 pretty emphatic bugs on it (all from the
	same person, who knows?).  No uploads in 1.5 years, does basically
	the same job as xfig and dia.

qcl: 4 month old RC bug, absolutely no interest from anyone to fix it. 
	Nothing in twelve months.  Has an incredibly limited audience
	(quantum computing researchers).  Upstream says that it won't work
	with GCC 3.x (mentions it explicitly, so it sounds like they've had
	this problem before...).  It will be a pain to keep.

libdsp: orphaned from an MIA maintainer 7 months ago.  One pretty important
	bug outstanding, nobody cares enough to fix it.  No uploads in 2.5
	years, upstream has moved on considerably.

sciplot: as per libdsp, pretty much.

Didn't look at anything less than 200 days old, so that's it.

Does anyone else have any opinions on the removal of these packages?

- Matt

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