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Re: Maintenance upload request for package: clif

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 06:12:26AM -0500, Jay Bonci wrote:
> 	I've taken the package clif fixed all of it's outstanding bugs and
> lintian errors. While I have no real intention of maintaining this
> package full-time, I would like if someone could NMU it into the
> archives, to freshen it up.
> The package and all relevant files are located at:
> 	http://jay.bonci.com/?node=clif

I have some nits to pick:

  * Look carefully at the diff to init_rs.c; did you test this? You have
    DEBIAN_PATH in one place and DEBIANPATH in another.

  * Files in /usr must not be conffiles. If /usr/share/clif/clif.ini
    needs to be edited, it must be somewhere under /etc. Is the current
    /usr/share/clif/clif.ini just an example, or is it a reasonable

  * Your changelog entry won't automatically close bugs: you need a
    colon after "Closes" in order to make that work, and you need to
    replace the instance of "Closed" with "Closes". The developer's
    reference has the exact regex used. You can test this by looking for
    a Closes: line in the .changes file when the build is complete.

    (No need for a new version number just due to tweaking the
    changelog, IMHO.)

> 	Also, are submissions of this kind... accepted? encouraged? not the
> best way to present them?  Please let me know.  I plan on running
> general qa/cleanup on packages that look like they could use it in my
> spare time.

Yes, QA uploads are a good thing: adoption is better of course, but not
always practical. Feel free to continue.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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