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Maintenance upload request for package: clif

Good evening,
	I've taken the package clif fixed all of it's outstanding bugs and
lintian errors. While I have no real intention of maintaining this
package full-time, I would like if someone could NMU it into the
archives, to freshen it up.

The package and all relevant files are located at:


	I received some hints on #debian-devel that this might be the best
place for these sorts of items.  If this is the case please let me know.

	Also, are submissions of this kind... accepted? encouraged? not the
best way to present them?  Please let me know.  I plan on running
general qa/cleanup on packages that look like they could use it in my
spare time.

		--Jay Bonci 

Jay Bonci    | <jay@bonci.com>
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