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Orphaned packages in testing which were never in stable

There are a couple of orphaned packages in testing which were never
part of a stable release.  Since these packages are currently not
maintained the question arises whether we should release woody with
them.  A couple of them are needed by other packages (either because
of depends or build-depends).  However, quite a few could be removed
from testing easily.  Below is a listing of these.  If no one objects,
I will file serious bugs on them so they get removed from testing.
They will, however, stay in unstable.  After woody is released, we
should check what to do about these packages (either remove them
altogether, e.g. if upstream is dead, or find maintainers).

I confirmed that the following packages are not needed by other
packages not in this list (either through depends/recommends/suggests
or build-depends).  BTW, you can use "wnpp-disposable -v" in
/org/qa.debian.org/data/wnpp on auric (for main) and pandora (for
non-US) to get such a listing (Note that I removed some packages from
the listing by hand).


#127712: O: aktion -- KDE frontend to xanim
#127699: O: c-cpp-reference -- c/c++ reference set for kdevelop
#131736: O: dcethreads -- A DCE Threads emulation layer ontop of LinuxThreads
#112578: O: dcl -- Double Choco Latte
#123028: O: epic4-script-light -- Light - It's Just Not Lame
#133227: O: eventfolder -- Event Calendar for Zope
#139347: O: fidelio -- Gnome Hotline client.
#131737: O: freedce -- A free implementation of DCE RPC
# 96740: O: giram -- 3D modeller for POV-Ray
#133231: O: gnome-build -- GNOME Build Framework (GBF)
#133232: O: gnome-debug -- GNOME Debugging Framework (GDF)
# 89582: O: icqlib -- icq library implementation
# 87431: O: ilu -- Inter Language Unification system
# 90815: O: kdebindings -- C bindings for DCOP (Development files)
#134961: O: kernel-patch-kiobuf -- Stephen Tweedie's kiobuf (formerly raw-io) patch
# 89583: O: kicq -- ICQ client for KDE
#127708: O: kinkatta -- AIM client for KDE
#100240: O: leksbot -- biological (plant) dictionary.
#123522: O: luci -- LUCI is a Universal Configuration Interface
#135057: O: manpages-ru -- Russian translations of Linux manpages
#135061: O: mova -- Scripts for Mova-format dictionary
#130834: O: mtoolsfm -- graphical user interface to the mtools diskette  package
#131738: O: odb -- Object Data Base
#127696: O: qt-embedded -- Embedded version of QT
#127697: O: qt-embedded-free -- Qt-Embedded GUI Library
#131732: O: rmc -- Remote method call
#128283: O: sarg -- Squid Analysis Report Generator
#131662: O: smupsd -- UPS monitoring daemon
#121106: O: sndconfig -- Redhat's sound card configuration utility
#138940: O: srecord -- Manipulate EPROM load files.
# 84748: O: tkstep8.0 -- The NEXTSTEP(tm)-like version of the Tk toolkit
#134008: O: tulip -- A system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs
#123527: O: zope-pythonmethod -- Allows ZopeMethods to be written in plain Python code
#123529: O: zope-renderable -- Zope base class to make subclasses renderable
#123530: O: zope-zcvsmixin -- Allows management of Zope objects in CVS
#123531: O: zope-zieve -- A Zope product that provides flexible sorting.

Someone is interested in adopting the following packages.  I pinged
them to see if they are still interested.  If I don't hear back from
them, I will probably request removal from testing (justification:
it's not clear whether the people will actually adopt the packages and
maintain them well and it's probably too late to upload updated
packages for woody anyway):

#134534: ITA: asd4 -- Advanced Sound Daemon
#123484: ITA: gnobog -- GNOME Bookmarks Organizer
#100230: ITA: grunch -- Merge partial scans into a larger image
#111658: ITA: knapster2 -- Napster Client for KDE
#116551: ITA: kyahoo -- Yahoo Instant Messenger client for KDE
#100252: ITA: powershell -- powerful terminal emulator for GNOME
#116834: ITA: pyrite-publisher -- Content creation tools for Palm users
#127704: ITA: squidguard -- filter, redirector and access controller plug for Squid
#123507: ITA: tcpreplay -- Tool to replay saved tcpdump files at arbitrary speeds
#130840: ITA: tk-brief -- GUI for easily writing letters with LaTeX
#123512: ITA: xsmbrowser -- X11 tool for navigating SMB Networks
#123526: ITA: zope-loginmanager -- User Folder workalike and replacem=

Martin Michlmayr

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