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Re: WNPP bug overview

Hi Bas,

>> Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> writes:

 > WNPP bug overview for Nov 19, 2001
 > ===================================
 > There are 809 WNPP bugs in the BTS, of which
 >  - 52 are RFA's (packages in need of adoption) [2 contrib, 3 non-free]

 "offered up for adoption"?

 >  - 88 are O's (orphaned packages) [6 contrib, 6 non-free]
 >  - 83 are ITA's (packages being adopted) [3 contrib, 14 non-free]
 >  - 103 are RFP's (requested packages)
 >  - 479 are ITP's (packages being worked on)
 >  - 4 are errors (see below)

 >  - distributed-net-pproxy, 216 days orphaned, 0 RC bugs [non-free]
 >      Description: Personal proxy for distributed.net clients

 I really miss the reverse depends info here.  It's useful in some
 cases, e.g.:

  blas (#115397), orphaned 41 days ago
       Description: common lin. alg. routines
       Reverse Depends: lapack-dev petscgraphics1 atlas-test
       petscgraphics1-demo blitz++ lapack r-base-dev blas-dev

 ("lin. alg."? argh!)

 That means that if blas ever enters the "this is going to be removed"
 state, atlas, petscgraphics, lapack, blitz++ and r would be affected.
 Some reverse depends are superfluos (blas-dev in this case for example)
 because they belong to the same source package.

 Since you are generating a nice summary of changes during the last
 week, it'd be worthwhile to include source package names for at least
 RFA's and O's in it.

    4 new packages up for adoption (RFA): dpkg glibc sysvinit xfree86

 > The following ITA's will be renamed to O's or RFA's[2]:
 >  - 68134 ITA --> RFA: auto-pgp (1085 days old)

 this information is useful, but I don't think it belongs in a mail to
 debian-devel-announce.  Informing the person who submitted the bug
 about it is a good idea.  Informing debian-devel or debian-qa is also a
 good idea.

 > The following duplicate bugs will be merged:
 >  - new-pinepgp: 88327(RFP) 110743(ITP)

 please inform the submitters, too.

 > The following errors were encountered:
 >  - 111032: orphaned package "yodl" does not exist in archive

 this is useful information for debian-qa

 > [1] Orphaned packages are to be removed after:
 >      - 300 days (main, no RC bugs)
 >      -  50 days (contrib, no RC bugs)
 >      -  25 days (non-free, no RC bugs)
 >      - 150 days (main, one or more RC bugs)
 >      -  25 days (contrib, one or more RC bugs)
 >      -  10 days (non-free, one or more RC bugs)
 > [2] ITA's will be renamed to O's or RFA's after 50 days
 > [2] ITP's will be renamed to RFP's after 50 days

 Please take into account package's Priority.

 Other than that, since this is obviously doing a much better job than
 my version, would you like to take charge of the weekly report

Marcelo             | Too many people want to *have written*.
mmagallo@debian.org |         -- (Terry Pratchett, alt.fan.pratchett)

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