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Re: RFC: debian-qa-packages

* Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> [20011021 08:48]:
> We now have 32 packages maintained by debian-qa and 223 packages
> maintained by packages@qa

Please note that these figures are for binary packages, not source
packages.  It's about 21 + 96 by source packages (not counting

Altough this is slighty off topic, let's mention it now.. Colin
noticed that there are orphaned packages which have no WNPP bugs.
I've now written a script to check for such packages: wnpp-publicize
is in QA's CVS.  Quoting from pandora:/org/qa.debian.org/data/wnpp/README:


wnpp-publicize shows a listing of orphaned packages for which no WNPP bugs
have been filed yet.  For each package printed out by wnpp-publicize an
O: bug should be filed against the "wnpp" pseudo package.  Since
wnpp-publicize uses projectB (katie's SQL database) to get a listing of all
source packages, the script has to be run on ftp-master.debian.org (for main)
or non-us.debian.org (for non-US).

If the script cannot parse the bug's subject line (into tag and source) the
script will think there is no bug report although there is.  I will try to
make the code to parse the subject line smarter and more robust but until
that happens, please make sure to check that no bugs have in fact been filed
before posting one.

Martin Michlmayr

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