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RFC: debian-qa-packages

One of the points that came up in my argument with Christian was that
it'd be nice if we could split discussions of orphaned package
maintenance off to a separate list. This was the original rationale for
changing the orphaned Maintainer: field to packages@qa.debian.org
(Message-ID: <20010404031930.D14001@marvin.palfrader.org>), and the
timeline was "a few months". We now have 32 packages maintained by
debian-qa and 223 packages maintained by packages@qa, so it seems like
it's time for the next stage in the transition.

If there's consensus here then I'll request a new mailing list as

  1. Name

  2. Rationale
     Due to the large number of orphaned packages and the verbose
     messages produced by the Debian Bug Tracking System and the archive
     maintenance tools in relation to them, the signal-to-noise ratio on
     the QA Group mailing list (debian-qa) is quite poor. We have spent
     some time over the last few months changing the maintainer address
     to packages@qa.debian.org, and would now like to be able to point
     that address at a separate list so that debian-qa can be used for
     more general discussions of quality assurance in Debian.

  3. Long description
     Bug reports against orphaned packages and discussions about fixing

  4. Category

  5. Subscription Policy

  6. Post Policy

  7. Web-Archive
     Yes (it's for discussion of bug reports as well as the reports

  8. Short description
     Orphaned package maintenance


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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