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Bug#113850: 2.5.0 ETA?

Earl Hood <earl@earlhood.com> writes:
> Jeff, I did not notice the above issue until after I sent you a patched
> resource file using $TSLICE$.
> To summarize the note above: Some message pages may not get properly
> updated to reflect changes in $TSLICE$ listing.  This can occur if
> the message is more than one message away from a new message in a thread.
> I consider it not a major problem since the next/prev links still
> function properly.  However, older messages may not properly show the
> latest slice representation, and as the reader goes through the thread,
> the slice listing can appear to grow as they go from older messages to
> newer messages.

  Ah! I'm pleased to here that! You probably considered me as paranoid
  but I hope this will definitely make you understand what I was dealing

  As a conclusion, better contact upstream first.


Jérôme Marant <jerome@marant.org>

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