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ddts: notification about pt_BR translation of the kernel-patch-ttl description


This is merely an automated notification mail from the ddts 'Debian Description
Translation Server'.

A translator recently uploaded a new version of the description of this
package. The descriptions are included below.

No action is required on your part; unless you want to use your veto right
on this text (see below), it will be added to our database, and will be ready
for use.

If you notice any problems with the translation, please contact the translator
directly or its team.

If you want to use your veto right on this text and remove this translation
from the server send a mail to
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	VETO <id> <lang_postfix>
Replace	'<id>' with the id from the attachment and '<lang_postfix>' with 
the lang postfix (see subject of this mail). 

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	NONOTIFICATION <package> all
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Thanks for your attention.

#from: "Rodrigo Gressler" <rodrigo@zmax.com.br>
#id: d61a8a75168042acc3926ffd35fd0e7a
#lang_postfix: pt_BR
#packages: kernel-patch-ttl
Description: TTL matching and setting
 This package contains a patch to the Linux kernel, which provides a
 match and a target for getting and setting the TTL, respectively.
 Example for dropping all packets with a TTL of 0:
 iptables -m ttl --ttl 1 -j DROP
 Example for setting all packets to a TTL of 10:
 iptables -j TTL --set-ttl 10
 Example for setting all TTL 0 packets to TTL 1:
 iptables -m ttl --ttl 0 -j TTL --ttl-set 1
Description-pt_BR: TTL matching and setting
 Este pacote contêm um patch para o kernel do Linux, que fornece um match
 e um target para receber e configurar o TTL, respetivamente
 Exemplo para baixar todos pacote com um TTL de 0:
 iptables -m ttl --ttl 1 -j DROP
 Exemplo para configurar todo pacote para um TTL de 10:
 iptables -j TTL --set-ttl 10
 Exemplo para configurar todos pacotes TTL 0 para TTl 1:
 iptables -m ttl --ttl 0 -j TTL --ttl-set 1

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