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Re: Packages not making it into testing

Le Thu, May 10, 2001 at 06:46:02PM +0200, Adrian Bunk écrivait:
> The only problem with roxen2 seems to be that it's being held up by pike7
> that waits for imlib (or it will become uninstallable on alpha) that waits
> for libpng (or it will become uninstallable on powerpc) that is only 6/10
> days old.

Tell me how you can do such diagnostics ? How much time did you use ?

I know madison, apt-cache and everything. It's still not straightforward
to find out why a package doesn't make it into testing.

Now I have a question (for you aj I guess).

Suppose I have : 
A version 1 in testing on i386, sparc, alpha, m68k
B version 2 in testing/unstable on i386, sparc, alpha
B version 1 in testing/unstable on m68k
A version 2 in unstable on i386, sparc, alpha, m68k

A version 1 depends on B version 1 (on all archs)
A version 2 depends on B version 2 (on all archs)

Will the package A version 2 make it into testing ?
It seems like the answer is no.

Why doesn't make into testing ?
You'll answer because A version 2 on m68k is uninstallable in testing.

No, why should A version 2 on m68k have to go in testing at the same
time than other archs (since at the moment we consider m68k as "may be
outdated") ? Is this a limitation of our testing implementation ?

That would mean that the order in which packages are compiled may infer
on package making it into testing or not. If m68k had been compiled after
the other archs and after the required delay, the package would have made
it into testing ... without m68k. But since it's available before the
required delay, m68k is forced to get in at the same time and m68k depends
needs to be fulfilled at the same time.

Am I right ?

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