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Bug#80573: should replace grafix

Hi Christian!

On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Christian Kurz wrote:

> > grafix-dev should conflict with grafix, (at least this is what
> > I think currently :-).
> No, I think those files that are in both package, should only be in one
> package. I think the -dev package would be the appropriate one. 

grafix is the old package,

it was replaced by grafix1 and grafix-dev.

grafix1 and grafix-dev can live nearby quite happily.

grafix1 shares a set of files with grafix.
So does grafix-dev.

> > But I have another question I hope people on -qa can answer:
> > How is upgrading supposed to work?
> > Let's say I have grafix installed and run an apt-get dist-upgrade.
> > IMHO it should upgrade grafix to grafix1, but I could not get it
> > to work with several mixes of Conflicts, Replaces and Provides.
> You need to have a "Replace: grafix" and a "Conflicts: grafix".
> "Provides" is useful for virtual package but not for upgrading. 

So apt-get dist-upgrade will not catch it and wait until you
manually install grafix1 or grafix-dev?

> > :set noai
> vi or vim?



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